What Next for Loris Karius?

Loris Karius was signed by Jurgen Klopp, and LFC fans rejoiced at the prospect of a new, up and coming keeper who had been voted the second best keeper in the Bundesliga, behind Manuel Neuer.

Karius was injured early in his Liverpool days, meaning he had to wait for his debut, which came against Derby County in the EFL Cup, and for most of the season he played second fiddle to Simon Mignolet, who had in the past made several errors that had cost Liverpool a result.

In the games Karius did play, he made a couple of mistakes – most notably against Bournemouth:

Klopp opted to rest Karius for a few games to take him out of the firing line, saying “Karius is a young goalkeeper. He will bounce back.” In his first season, he only started 10 games in the league, and his last actual start came in January 2017, meaning he had to bide his time on the bench.

Karius had shown promise at Mainz, and LFC fans were keen to see this kind of form rediscovered:

In his second season at Liverpool, he started the Champions League games, and the odd league game, but was again behind Mignolet in the pecking order. After Christmas, Klopp put his faith in Karius, and he started against Everton in the FA Cup on 5th January, and played every game for the rest of the season.

There was the odd mistake in the Champions League (the pass to Van Dijk for example), but no one knew what was coming in the Champion's League final against Real Madrid.

It came out afterwards he had suffered a concussion after Sergio Ramos elbowed him :

This went unpunished, and lead to Karius making two absolute howlers, that effectively cost Liverpool the European Cup. They are inexplicable & inexcusable, but no one knows that more than Karius himself:

Karius took to social media to apologise for what had happened:

From then on – his position at LFC was untenable. What followed was over the top – people are obviously frustrated, but, death threats are taking it too far.

If you've ever wondered how bitter people can be – I once got told to “fuck off and die a horrible death” for saying Snoop Dogg wasn't a Liverpool fan. he did a gig in Liverpool, and the #lfcfam went into meltdown, stating how he was a lifelong red etc. What they didn't know was that he did this at every gig  – in 2015 he turned up in a Norwich shirt.

All rationality goes out the window – because people can hide behind a computer screen. After a mistake in a pre-season game against Dortmund that meant nothing, , Karius got more abuse from Liverpool fans ; who knew he wasn't going to be the club's number 1 this season following the £65million signing of Alisson from Roma, yet proceeded to give him more abuse over it. Karius responded via social media again:

There's no doubt he's seeing what people are saying, and it's clearly getting to him.

What next for Loris Karius?

  • Did he fuck up massively? Yes
  • Does he know this? Yes
  • Is his time up at LFC? Probably – you don't spend £60+million on someone to leave them on the bench
  • Does he know this? Yes
  • Does he deserve death threats? no – grow the fuck up.

The best thing for Loris Karius now is probably a loan deal back to the Bundesliga where he can get his head down and get on with playing footy again, and find the form that earned him a move to Liverpool in the first place.

Liverpool have signed a new keeper that is likely to be #1 for a few years – it's time LFC fans moved on and accepted that Karius made mistakes that will hound him for the rest of his career, but try and forget about it.

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