Bet365 vs Betway – Choosing the Right Bookmaker

Most of the time, it becomes hard for the gamblers to choose a right bookmaker or the betting sites that is best known to them. Betway and Bet365 are the two most popular sites for Sportsbook betting that has earned a good name online. They rate among the top-notch betting sites but which is the best either of them remains a big question. Both the bookmakers have earned good ratings by the customers and even the industry experts who go to nearly 4/5 for Betway and 4.5/5 for Bet365. This is my comparison between the two operators. Let’s see who wins.

To compare Bet365 vs Betway, here are few pointers that will help the gamblers to know better about their online performance and the services they are rated upon by using these important areas. Let us see their key aspects and accordingly, we will provide you with the right conclusion at the end with our final verdict.

Odds and Limits: Bet365 wins

While placing the bet at Bet365, the players can receive higher odds, as the bookmaker tries to make their every client happy. The comparison of their odds in the world market is the best, as it is above the average ratings. The odds provided by this bookmaker are good for the soccer, volleyball, tennis, and basketball. The live matches’ odds are also impressive. However, the only con about them is that this bookmaker puts limits on the winning players, which makes them reduce to the peanuts.

However, if we look at Betway bookmakers and their odds, the bookmaker is considered to be performing poorly. It has many betting limits, and the odds offered by the site are below average. Most of the players and experts have given it a weaker rating too. Therefore, our rating for their odds and limits goes like this:

  • Bet365 – 4/5
  • Betway – 3/5

Bet365 vs Betway: Additional Features

In order to know more about both the bookmakers, i.e. Betway and Bet365, the bookies can be compared based on the three additional features like Live streaming, Mobile App, and Cash-out options. Now, it is the time to see how these three factors help the players to know more about the Sports Betting sites.

  1. Live Streaming

Betway provides both live streaming and betting to the bettors. However, the only thing that makes a hassle for a few players is that this option may not be available in most of countries. Live Streaming at Betway provides a real-time betting option to the bettors that take live betting to a completely new level. This option can also be availed by the players through the betting app of Betway. Another dilemma here in this casino is that this option is not provided for all the games so the players have to see the list before opting for live bets.

On the other hand, Bet365 provides a seamless live streaming option to its players with no big hurdles for the bettors. The Sports bookmaker provides live betting for various events and with higher quality. This makes it stay ahead of the competition in comparison to its various competitors. Moreover, it provides an option of broadcasting every event in real-time as the players can see the matches live directly. The best part at Bet365’s live streaming is that it provides information to the players of every second of the match. The live streaming works well with moderate Internet connection too. The bookmaker Bet365 wins the hearts of the bettors in live streaming betting events.

Live streaming is available to players who have a funded account or who have placed a bet in the past 24 hours. Placing a bet on the event that they want to watch is not necessary (apart from with horse racing and greyhound racing)

To use the Live Streaming service you will need to be logged in and have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

  1. Cash-Out

The power of Cash-out option at Bet365 is just amazing as the players have full control on stopping the bets in between and can withdraw the betting amount at any stage. The players can pause for the ongoing bets and opt for Cash-out in the 2nd and 3rd division matches too. The players can keep a check on the development of their amounts and bets during live matches even if the selections are still available in plenty. There is no delay in the updates so the players can even stop their matches at the higher odds.

Betway is also not far behind in satisfying its customers via the Cash-out option. It is available on the single system and multiple sports bets. It puts the players in complete control of their losses and wins. The players can withdraw money before any loss or take their winnings home at any time. It is available in various markets and the sports range. At Betway, the Cash-Out amount is instantly processed too. Therefore, both the bookmakers are evenly rated based on this feature.

  1. Mobile App

The users who are always on their Smartphones and Tablets and want to enjoy sports betting on the go can opt for the Betway Mobile App. It provides a platform for playing the games on Android and iOS devices. It has a native app that the players can download on their Smartphone, iPhone or Tablet and start betting. Their website is mobile-friendly so the bettors can easily start sports betting or play games through their browser. However, many experts give a recommendation for playing through the mobile app as Betway app is designed keeping in mind varied mobile platforms only.

Bet365 is also not far behind its competitors as it provides a great mobile app experience to the players. The sports betting site provides a seamless and decent mobile app as it has the best mobile user-interface. Even Bet365 Mobile App has a sleek design, intuitive graphics, easy and simplest version, and consists of all the features available on the website. The bettors can place the bets through their Android or iOS devices. While watching out the features of both the bookmakers, both provide a great user experience to the bettors on mobile devices.

Now, the ratings based on these additional features for both the bookmakers go like:

  • Bet365 – 5/5
  • Betway – 4.5/5

Conclusion of the Bet365 vs Betway comparison: Bet365 wins here

Finally, it can be seen that Bet365 and Betway are near to each other in some aspects or even go parallel while providing few great features to the bettors. Let us see the overall rating of Bet365 and Betway based on the above comparisons:

  • Bet365 – 18.5/20
  • Betway – 15.5/20

By looking forward to the above ratings, it can be seen that Betway is still far behind Bet365, as it cannot meet a few aspects as compared to Bet365. Thus, Bet365 becomes the first choice of the users despite few cons seen in it. However, as the sports betting site is providing a great overall experience so it gains a top position in the review. Betway is also great for providing numerous features like the bonuses and other relative offers, seamless mobile app, and cash-out options, and much more.

To sum up, Bet365 vs Betway, Bet365 performs really well on many chosen aspects and tops the rating chart. Betway still encounters few options that made it get a slightly lower rating.  Therefore, for quality gambling and sports betting experience, Bet365, in my opinion, provides greater performance and winning amount.

  • Bet365 Terms and Conditions apply / New Customers Only / Commercial Content / 18+ Responsible Gambling. 
  • This review is based on a personal experience of the Bet365 offers.
  • The validity period of the Bet365 Bonus Code: 2019
  • Last Update: October 2019


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